Saturday, January 24, 2009

Brenda Photo Challenge!

For the month of January, I was selected to host The Brenda Photo Challenge, so I chose my theme "Anything New". Then it was my turn to pick the next host and I asked Joan of Joan's Journeys. These were the guidelines from Joan:

Date: Saturday, January 24th
Theme: "Looking Upwards"

Here's my picks of the photo's I took:

Standing by the dining room table, this is what Landen sees ...

Believe it ... there are a minimum of 35 doves living in these trees that coo all the time.

I watched when this tree was planted in the early 60's. Now, when fall arrives, the majority of the leaves fall from this tree, drifting into our backyard swimming pool.

I'm going to try to do better at the next Challenge as I feel I just didn't capture much of what really could have been better ideas! Thank you for looking!!


Butterfly Gardener said...

I like the picture of the trees where the doves live. Great job!

Sharon Ellery said...

Great photos, though I love Landen's viewpoint. How huge the world looks through a child's eyes!


Karen M said...

Lovely pictures! The challenges are always so much fun to see how everyone interprets them. I love the 2 yr old viewpoint. Good job!

Just Joni said...

Always enjoyable to think about a 2-year-old's's easy to forget how they see things...great to think of that!

Donna said...

You're getting the hang of the challenges! I love the idea you used to show the perspective of your grandson! Good job and keep on taking those pictures!

Anonymous said...

Great viewpoint. A child's eyes always make things more interesting. I especially remember when I was little how everything was new and delightful. Oh to be a kid again. This brings back great memories.

Annie said...

The photos are great! I enjoy seeing a part of other people's worlds! Thanks

and thanks for visiting mine too...Annie