Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What IS it!?

Now this is something to behold indeed~! Guess what the picture of the Mona Lisa is made from using? Take a good look ...

What makes me?

Well ... any guesses as to what the picture is made with? Here's a closer look:

C'mon and guess!

How about now ...

Think, think, think!

Last chance to figure it out ...

Amazing ...

Artist assistants stand next to 3,604 cups of coffee which have been made into a giant Mona Lisa in Sydney, Australia . The 3,604 cups of coffee were each filled with different amounts of milk to create the different shades!!

If it were made with Starbucks, it'd be PRICELESS~!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Home - Day 5

So this is day 5 of being home from visiting family in Colorado. I am still "sick". Right now, it's just after 10-am and I am still in my nightgown, robe 'n slippers. The dishwasher door is open and yet nothing is put away. My bed, still unmade, beckons me to come lay down. I took 2 VICKS DayQuil with Vitamin C and only feel half awake ... things I've planned on working on ... well, they're still just in my mind. I thought I'd share an email I got that I thought was pretty darned smart:

What to do when you are bored at work ..

1. Kill a few flies.

2. Put them in the sun to dry for one hour.

3. Once they are dry, pick a pencil and paper... Let your imagination flow.

Here are a few examples...

How's the weather up there?
Giddy'up! C'mon! Let's GO!
Steady now! Easy there, turn to the right!
Yeehaw! JUMP!
ahhh, this is the life!
ow, hurry, hurry up! I gotta GO!
... what line where? ...
Last one back to the office is on phone duty!

If you come up with something new, be sure to let me know ... have fun~!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Last Day Here

Today is my last day here in Colorado at my oldest son's home. Tho Tony had to leave to go to a class, being sent by the USAF for the job he's in, the week before I got here, he DID get to surprise me by coming home my first day here (Sat May 1st) in the morning until Sunday evening when he had to fly back to Texas.

The rest of the days were us pretty much hanging out here at 'home', one spent in Bennett at Susan's parents (her dad was out of town, too) and we went to King Soopers twice. We've talked and watched some TV ... lots of time playing with baby Ashley, winning Charlie in Monopoly (twice!) and once I even one a game of Sequence! I have SOOOOO enjoyed my time here! Megan gave me her room to use and even put a lil note card on the dresser calling it'Grandma's Suite' ... gosh, I'm going to MISS them! Such good kids and oh, how they help their Mother with the baby, cooking, dishes, laundry, cleaning ... wow. I think they should come home with me! ha!

I got online and checked my email and got a note with this link, titled Yike Bike. My friend also shared this would be a great way for us to save on gas! Check it out ... and hey, thanks for letting me share~!


Tuesday, May 4, 2010


... are due in that I never seem to come here anymore. It seems I've traded off this site for facebook. But ya know, I'm considering, very seriously mind you, to leave there and come back here.

Facebook draws me to how "instant" it is. I can instantly read all about everyone I care about by instantly going to their page with just a single click. AND, omgosh, there's the games. It allows me to be, as my one friend has said, pretty anal about them ... sad when I think about it ... all that TIME ... gone. And then, that whole newness thing? well, as I once read when I first started, "the honeymoon is over" ... so it is starting to wear off some what.

Sooooo ... me thinks I should do a Herb ... and soon ... {{huggz!}}