Tuesday, May 4, 2010


... are due in that I never seem to come here anymore. It seems I've traded off this site for facebook. But ya know, I'm considering, very seriously mind you, to leave there and come back here.

Facebook draws me to how "instant" it is. I can instantly read all about everyone I care about by instantly going to their page with just a single click. AND, omgosh, there's the games. It allows me to be, as my one friend has said, pretty anal about them ... sad when I think about it ... all that TIME ... gone. And then, that whole newness thing? well, as I once read when I first started, "the honeymoon is over" ... so it is starting to wear off some what.

Sooooo ... me thinks I should do a Herb ... and soon ... {{huggz!}}

1 comment:

Donna said...

SO pathetic....HAhahahaaa...
You HAD a great following HERE Girlie!
Now, Get Busy and start visiting old friends!!!
Glad ur back...OOOPS!!!
Glad You Are back...LOLOL