Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What is Bunco?

Bunco is a dice game, the object of which is to tally the most wins and buncos, during four sets of play. There are six rounds to each set, corresponding to the six sides of the die. Traditionally, the game is designed for 12 players.

At the beginning of the game, four players are randomly chosen to sit at the head table. The remaining players are distributed among the remaining two tables. Each table is divided into two teams. One person on each team tallies the points. Along with the team score, a score is kept for each individual player on their own card of wins, losses, and buncos.

The head table sets the pace of play which commences with the ringing of a bell. Play immediately begins as one player on each table rolls three dice (my group uses 5 dice) attempting to roll “ones.” The target number corresponding to the current round of play. For instance, in the first round, each die that turns up a “one” in this case, scores one point. Thus, if two of the dice rolled came up as ones, two points would be tallied. Anytime three (ours is five) of the target number are rolled, for instance, three fours in round four, a bunco is achieved. The player rolling must call out "bunco" for his team to be awarded an extra ten points. Only the individual who rolled the bunco can claim it on their individual score card.

If a player rolls three (ours is five) of a kind of a number different than the number of the current round, the team is awarded five points but does not count it as a bunco. As soon as one team at the head table reaches either 21 total points or scores a bunco, the head table rings the bell and the round ends for all tables. The round is won at each table by the team with the most points at the time the bell is rung. Those two winners advance to the next table and the losers stay, unless you are at the head table, then the losers go to the end table. Each time you start the next play, you must change partners! Awards are provided to the players with the highest scores at the end of four sets of play. My group pays ten dollars and purchases items that can be used or useful~ it's loads of fun! We usually meet the 2nd Friday of every month and each team member hosts the game at their house once a year, allowing us to each have a turn. My month is May ...

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Just Joni said...

I've always wondered about Bunco! It would be fun to be in a group that plays regularly. The "Gum Alley" picture is from my daughter's photo file. That's her on the left, but I have personally never been there...much to my relief...I have a bit of a germ phobia! But I still think it's kind of cool!