Saturday, November 1, 2008

#38 - CANDY

#38 - CANDY, originally uploaded by LauraBelle'.

My poor Kody ... he'd worked so hard on getting what he wanted together to be a "Teenage Vampire" for the costume party at school, which was also an early release day. We were scheduled to work at our church's AWESOME Harvest Festival, where lot's of games are played and you can get massive amounts of candy ... but ...

Thursday night, he went to bed at just after 9pm, then awoke me at about 2:30am, saying, "Mom ... I just threw up. I need you." I got up and followed him towards the front bathroom, just before his bedroom and whispered, "Where'd you throw up at?" He "moaned" on the floor into the bathroom and in the sink ... as my feet got to the hallway, before reaching the bathroom door ... I was shocked awake, totally wide-eyed awake. Never in all my LIFE have I ever seen somebody puke the way he puked ... it was EVERYWHERE!

I kid you not ... the bottom third of the wall to the right of the bathroom door, almost half of the door itself ... the front third of the bathroom floor, the cabinets to the right of the sink, splattered all over the entire sinktop and surrounding wall ... oh - my - gosh. Know what he said after I cussed? ( Yes, you read that right, ... I said, "HOLY SH** Kody!!" ) ... he says, "... but I'm not sick Mom ... I'll be okay to go to school, really, I'll be okay!" I gave him my non-sympathic, evil, knives and daggers look and said, "Go - to - bed - now. Please go." He walked off mumbling that he was sorry but that he was okay now ...

It took me a little over an hour and much gagging to get it all cleaned up. I ended up putting some Vicks Vapor rub under my nostrils after the first twenty minutes of going through almost half a roll of paper towels. I'd read that in a book someplace or heard it on TV ... can't quite remember, but it worked. It really made a difference. Kody did wretch a couple more times, in the infamous puke bowl that follows the sick person where ever they're at.

I crawled back into bed just after 3:40am ... after apologizing to him, telling him I was sorry I was grumpy and he said it was okay ... he said he'd have been madder than I got if it'd been the other way around ... I did notice that he'd started to try to clean up using some toilet paper ... he was pretty sick.

He didn't go to school ... and at 4pm, a bit before Pen called me and I told her about all this, I took his temp ... 101.2 ... I had promised that if he'd not had a fever, I'd take him to the Harvest Festival for a lil bit ... I told him his temp and he laid back in his bed, closing his eyes and sighed, "I'm done for then." My poor Kody.

He missed all the fun, and to top it all off, some jerky kids came into the yard, taking his pumpkin that he'd bought and carved and threw it face down at the top of our driveway, busting it up. He was one sad fellow. Audrey felt so sad for him ... she took the candy she'd gotten and gave him what you see in the bowl. All on her own and it made me swell with pride that she was so thoughtful. I hugged her and thanked her and praised her for her kindness.

That was yesterday. Today, he is almost back to his old self. And I don't smell puke anymore ...


AKRenee said...

Poor Kody.....and what an awesome Audrey!
Love you all

beth said...

Crazy story.
Hope he is feeling better.
Happy spying.

Herb said...

That counts as a bummer.