Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Noni said something ....

I'll admit it. I'm a big fan of facebook. I like that I can go to my page most any time, day or night, and find something that will make me laugh or smile and just plain 'ol allow me to feel good. There is sometimes sadness or pondering questions of "why?" over one thing or another. The trivia is endless! The see-sawing back and forth of commenting with family and friends, the posted links, videos and pictures ... and then there are the games. Oh, how I love my farms! Then there's days like today.

Today I found this on my friend Noni's page:

"If you need a machine (or a house) and don't buy it, then you will ultimately find you have paid for it and don't have it." Henry Ford
"If you need a Savior (and you do) and you don't accept Him, then you will ultimately find that He paid the price for eternity for you - and you won't have it." N. Pratt

Things like this that get posted, give me pause to think. I think where I am in my life now and where would I be had I not accepted to walk with the Lord? I could take off on this and run a mile of words, citing instance after instance of where God has touched me, blessing me, with all that I have and who I am. My home, my family, my wonderful friends ... time and time again, I remind people that all things happen for a reason, it's not just happenstance. I choose to live my life, chasing after Jesus ... to touch Him, to glimpse His face, to feel His love ... yes.

Yes, I choose to live my life chasing after Jesus to find myself one day living with Him, in eternity. I'll know I've lived a good life chasing after Him, where I've been trusted, loved, befriended, and was a good person over-all ... and I get to live forever, in peace. In joy. Loved. And all because I chose to chase Him.

If He's not there at the end ... well, if there's no heaven, there's no hell either. So I will cease to exist. But if there IS heaven, then there IS hell ... and I'd rather chase after Jesus then not ... and end up in hell, for eternity.

Thank you Noni for your profound words and letting me reflect. Jesus loves you and so do I~!



Donna said...

I love you too, sweetie! Thank you for a fresh and joyous post!

Herb said...

Well, howdy, ma'am.