Wednesday, October 8, 2008

#35 - TOOLS

#35 - TOOLS, originally uploaded by LauraBelle'.

Every girl should have her own drawer of tools! I'm one of those kinda women that does all my own repairs as my chubby-hubby just isn't one of those "handyman" kinda guys ... these are just mine, but I'll use what HE has in HIS shop if needed! *grinz*


beth said...

i've gotta have your own tools. :)
happy spying.

nicole said...

oh I have one of those non-handyman types too :)
although we share tools...might need to change that now!
great spy.

Beverly said...

I have my own tools, too. My guy is handy, just not consistent, so that leaves things up to me, which, I find, I don't really mind. There's something rather chic about having ones own tools, don't you think?!

Love you!

O said...

Yep! I agree...I too am a girl who has her own tools & husband has his own (though he's handier than me). ;) lol Great 'tools' spy. I need to hurry & get mine done.d