Friday, April 11, 2008

#9 - WATER

#9 - WATER, originally uploaded by LauraBelle'.


At my hubby's request for me to make potatoe salad, when checking these spuds, I remembered we needed a 'water spy', so I grabbed my camera and snapped a pic of 'em bubbling (and ready to come off the stove!)

I feel I'm not as talented as most in picture taking ... but this is fun for me anyway!


nicole said...

this is a great shot - love the ripple going through the water!!
Glad you are playing along with us.

Lisa said...

You are doing a fabulous job, and the photography and fun is all in the learning as you play along! I feel like I've learned so much doing my daily self, and I am starting to fall in love with most (but not all) of my self portraits.
I love this shot. But, you made me crave some of that special Nickson family potato salad! I want some!!!
Love you mucho!

Herb said...

I'm hungry.

Andy P said...


Like Lisa said, the fun is in the learning! I'd been out of serious photography for years, but I've been reading and learning so much lately, and I think my pictures are starting to show the change. Keep shooting!

Cool photo. Love the steam.

beth said...

now i am craving potatoes...mashed potatoes. :)
happy spying!

LauraBelle said...

I'd like to thank all y'all for your ever considerate comments ... and, also for your encouragement!

*Nicole & Beth ~ I'm happy to be playing and look forward to each Tuesday!

*Herb ~ grab a fork an com'on down!

*Andy ~ YOU take AMAZING photo's!!

*Lisa ~ my favorite niece who seems to understand me & makes me feel special and important ... I love you!

{{huggs}} to all y'all!