Thursday, April 3, 2008

#8 - FUNNY

#8 - FUNNY, originally uploaded by LauraBelle'.

We have been on the Weight Watchers program, hence the dessert box ... ironically, sitting on the kitchen counter is my Ice Cream Truck cookie jar ... and several months ago, my husband clipped this cartoon from the newpaper and and gave it to me ...

How I laughed as this is SO him! He is awful with portion control!
I put packing tape over it and placed it on the fridge door, and I still grin each time I see it ... I hope this'll give you a chuckle, too!


nicole said...

that is funny...and so true :)
thanks for spying!

beth said...

cute comic!
happy spying!

Lisa said...

HAHAHA! That comic cracks me up!

I have mine up on flickr! Enjoy!