Monday, September 21, 2009

Do You Have 60 Seconds to Help Fight Breast Cancer? We Thought So!:


To help encourage 1 million women to participate in research about the causes and prevention of breast cancer, The Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation/Army of Women asked film students to create short Public Service Announcements about the cause. We love the idea so much that we will be airing the four top videos right here on, today through Thursday. On Friday, we'll ask you to vote for your favorite. Let's check out the first one!

Of their video, One Million Strong, Brent McHenry and Nick Wenger, of the University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts, say:

"It's about...literally stepping up to the frontline of the battle against this terrible disease...While using the powerful and appropriate metaphor of pink bras, women assemble a chain that brings them together across the globe."

Thank you for watching! What do you think? Are you inspired to get involved?

Be sure to come back each day this week to watch the rest of the Love/Army of Women videos and vote for the most engaging, empowering one on Friday! Your vote will help the organization pick the video that will motivate millions of women to take the next step and sign up to join the Army of Women.

Get more information, and take the next step yourself by signing up at:

Remember: Finding the cause of breast cancer and preventing it starts with one--YOU.

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