Sunday, May 24, 2009

Unconscious Mutterings

"Rules are, there are no rules." There are no right or wrong answers. Don't limit yourself to one word responses; just say everything that pops into your head!

  1. Lisa :: and Boo ... go together like peanut butter 'n jam!

  2. Hope :: Faith and Love. But the greatest of these is love.

  3. Irene :: My sister's middle name. Also a song I love by Toby Mac.

  4. Tony :: My oldest son. Charles Anthony Walden, aka: Tony

  5. Anna :: Anna bo bana, banana fana fo fana, fe fi fo mana, Anna!

  6. Dolly :: Carol Channing, singing Hello Dolly ... dang. I'm old.

  7. Laura :: , me, Nickson, plus Puett, Anderson, Denes, Willison, and Jandel. The 4 last Laura's I know at my church!

  8. Debbie :: Bilek. Aww, such a cut-up at camp! ha!

  9. Wilson :: Tom Hanks friend in the movie, Cast Away.

  10. Paula :: Oglesby. My neighbor. My friend and bunco buddy, too!

Get your muttering at: Unconscious Mutterings, and have some fun!

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