Monday, May 5, 2008

#12 - NEW

#12 - NEW, originally uploaded by LauraBelle'.

So I didn't get a chance to get over to our friends house to take the picture myself of the bike my husband got our daughter for her upcoming birthday!

He was listening to an auction on the radio while working in his 'shop' and ended up bidding on this bike, an Electra Rat Fink "Pink" Chopper Bicycle, and he won it for $300.00!! These bikes are generally $599.00 and up!

Soooo, it's at our friends house til Audrey's birthday, but how much do ya wanna bet that Bill won't be able to wait that long to give it to her?! By the way, her birthday is July 29th and she'll be 12. *smiles*


nicole said...

very cool.
i'm sure she'll love it!
we are also getting the twins bikes for their birthday (june 29th) - but theirs will be 16" and come with training wheels :)

Lara said...

That is an awesome bike! I want one too! :)

Herb said...

That is one beautiful bike! Better buy her a couple of locks for it, too. I would not be able to wait that long, unless my wife really threatened me, lol.

Beverly said...

I've been there so many times... buying something way COOL way early and then ended up giving it to one of my kids before their big day. (: Ain't life grand!

Beverly said...

PS- My youngest daughters birthday is on the 16th of May, she'll be 24! And I've already given her her present (her main one) over 3 weeks ago. Hee.